80% of the paediatric cancer cases can be fully cured, but due to insufficient funds and facilities in India, a very large number of cases go untreated.

  • India has about 150000 recorded cases of paediatric cancer.
  • Over 50,000 new cases of childhood cancer are added each year, most of which go unreported.
  • Lack of adequate diagnostics and treatment facilities lead to even higher number of actual paediatric cancer cases.

Since its inception in 2004, Janarakshita has been instrumental in bringing medical aid and hope to more than 1,200 lives. We are closely involved in each of these cases, trying to understand specific needs and working towards fulfilling them. As a result, each case has been a unique learning experience for us, bettering our understanding of each patient. The impact of cancer is as much on the mind as on the body.

The team at Janarakshita consists of an active board of trustees who take personal interest in all the cases, support teams who map out and coordinate treatment details, administrative staff and volunteers.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Jana Rakshita have turned all our efforts towards alleviating the widespread devastation caused by the virus. From coordinating medical supplies, to providing basic living reqirements, to funding treatment itself, our utmost priority has been to save the lives of those affected. Cancer patients have been particularly hit hard; their struggles are now even more desperate. We are in the process of buying an ambulance to be used specifically to provide free services for the poor and underserved. Thousands of patients cannot afford the care they require. With your help, we can attend to that need.

Jana Rakshita is registered as a Charitable Trust with the Charities Commissioner (Registration No. E - 22159 dtd 10.11.2004).
Jana Rakshita Charitable Trust is registered u/s 12AA (1)(b)(l) of Income Tax act 1961 and further with the Commissioner of Income Tax (Exemptions) which qualifies donors for exemption under section 80G of the IT act.
Jana Rakshita is registered under section 6(1)(a) of Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act 1976 (Registration No. 084040013)