Our Team


A chemistry graduate with a specialisation in computer applications, Kala worked as a software programmer in a reputed International Software company before she quit to actively help the local community both in official and unofficial capacities. Kala, with her caring and compassionate nature, has been helping underprivileged people with focus on cancer patients for the last over 25 years. As one of the founding members and Chairperson of Jana Rakshita, she continues to endeavour to extend the organisation’s humanitarian help to as many deserving people as possible.


An Electrical & Mechanical Engineer with over 60 years of industry experience, of which the last over 40 had been as a SSI owner, Raghu held charity very close to his heart. He had been a freemason for the last over 30 years and was naturally inclined towards providing relief and charity. In the course of his career, Raghu was involved in providing solar power lamps to villagers who lived in places where electricity was virtually non-existent. Raghu, a key and inspirational founding member trustee was the Secretary of the board of Trustees since its inception and until his unfortunate passing away in August 2017.


An Engineer with nearly forty years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Shyam has seen countless cases of families traumatized by cancer, especially those financially challenged. He has made it his responsibility to lessen the pain and ease the burden of this vicious disease, and is deeply inspired by the perseverance of the patients. He takes it upon himself to give strength and bring back smiles to as many children and their families as he possibly can. Shyam as one of the founding members of Jana Rakshita, is the Secretary of the Board of Trustees.


Priya Darshini is a GRAMMY® nominated musician from Mumbai, currently based in New York. She is also an ultra marathoner, and on the board of The International WildLife Co-existence Network. Priya has consistently used her platform to advocate for social, and environmental justice. Priya has been involved with Jana Rakshita since its inception in 2004, and considers her time spent the most inspiring part of her life. She is moved by the children’s indomitable spirit and enthusiasm for life even in the face of extreme and unimaginable pain. As a trustee at Jana Rakshita, Priya brings this understanding to her endeavours and works towards giving back some of the unconditional love she gets from the children.


A paediatrician and a neonatologist, having his own practice and is a honorary paediatrician in a Government Hospital. Ashish has been working in pediatric intensive care for the last ten years. Jana Rakshita has been a part of his life. Regular interactions with children undergoing chemotherapy for various carcinomas always developed in a special attachment to them. The pain of treatment and even worse, the burden of its cost always brought a tear to his eyes. As a Trustee in Jana Rakshita he makes every effort to bring a smile on these children's faces.


Ashvini has completed her post graduation in Finance and is currently working in a reputed bank. She had been a volunteer with Jana Rakshita since 2012 and used to help in maintaining the accounts. She got associated with Jana Rakshita when she was suffering from Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) in 2010 and received help.  Later, there was no turning back. Ashvini felt strongly for the causes supported by Jana Rakshita as she has been through the journey herself and understands how important it is to be supported financially and emotionally when a person is going through cancer. She is also of the belief that not only the patient but also the family has to be emotionally supported.

Later in 2017, Ashvini was appointed as a trustee and now serves as the Treasurer. She has been an active member of the trust and wants to give back to the society and the people who need support, in any way she can. 



Meena graduated from Mumbai University and worked as a tax consultant in a Chartered Accountancy firm. She is a trainer for Spoken English & German Language to visually challenged students, children living in slums and corporate executives. As a trained and certified yoga instructor from a reputed institute is keen to spread the benefit of yoga for the wellbeing of all. She is also an avid trekker, who has participated in a Himalayan marathon as a volunteer.

Meena has been associated with Jana Rakshita over the course of many years now. She readily comes forward to help in any way she can. She is very determined to help everyone around to lead a better life. As a practicing therapist and healer, she has conducted several workshops in English and Marathi. She has conducted several workshops using the techniques Inner Child Healing, Ho’oponopono, Energy Body (chakras) to deal with day to day challenges. She believes in maintaining inner peace in spite of chaos around and being in harmony with self and the immediate world around. 


As a Homeopathic Physician, Dr. Suchita has vast Clinical Experience of treating various diseases with a special interest in Pediatric & Female Disorders, acute as well as chronic. She has treated Patients across the country & Globe. Her ability to strike a rapport with the patients at the early stage of interaction is the key to her successful practice. 

Giving back to the Society is in her blood that she received from her parents especially her father, who was always on his toes to help the needy. Selecting Medicine as her profession has enhanced her desire to do so. She joined an NGO soon after receiving her degree and as its active committee member contributes to multiple activities like treating patients in charitable clinics, organising events for Homoeopathic Students and Homoeopathic Doctors to share and enhance knowledge. She has also presented several cases in Seminars to promote correct way of application of Principles of Homoeopathic Science. She has been an active volunteer in Jana Rakhita’s activities.