Volunteer To Help

At Jana Rakshita we focus on helping those with childhood cancer but cannot afford the treatment. However, we’d like to believe the aid and support we provide makes a difference that goes way beyond money and healthcare. We hope the work we do relieves at least a few families of the feeling of helplessness against circumstances not of their making. We hope the work we do gives childhood back to at least a few innocent children and makes for a better life and happier families.

We hope the work we do is an example of what human endeavour can achieve.

In the process, it is a lesson in determination, commitment and unconditional love for us. We believe we too grow with every child we reach out to. Working with cancer patients is not easy. It is difficult, often tragic and very intense. But the rewards we have seen enrich the soul. In trying to better a life, we at Jana Rakshita get opportunities to become better human beings ourselves.

If you want to be a part of this enriching process and would like to be part of what we do and stand for, welcome.

To work with us, please contact us at: