What We Do

we at Jana Rakshita are committed to assist underprivileged children and adolescents afflicted with cancer. Our support framework is flexible and shapes itself to individual needs. It covers providing funds, coordinating with doctors and specialists, psychological counseling, continuous follow-up of treatment progress, assistance in rehabilitation, help in palliative care and hospice as required, as well as holistic support to the whole family.

Here are some specific instances of how we support our patients :

  • Sitting in with the patient and doctors during consultations to explain treatment course to patient and family. Explaining details and time frame of the treatment course and reassuring patient and family that we will be with them all along.
  • Visiting the patients at the hospital and at their residence to provide assistance as required including moral support and guidance.
  • Facilitating treatment of after-effects of cancer care during the remission stage.
  • Over the years, we have funded college education for some of our patients and also helped family members of some patients be financially independent.

Arranging for birthday, music and art fund raisers for patients. Our volunteers have run endurance races such as Marathons and Ultra Marathons to raise funds for our patients. Apart from this, our well-wishers constantly support us.