What We Do


We at Jana Rakshita are committed to assist underprivileged children and adolescents afflicted with cancer. Our support framework is flexible and shapes itself to individual needs. It covers providing funds, coordinating with doctors and specialists, psychological counseling, continuous follow-up of treatment progress, assistance in rehabilitation, help in palliative care and hospice as required, as well as holistic support to the whole family.

Here are some specific instances of how we support our patients :

  • Sitting in with the patient and doctors during consultations to explain treatment course to patient and family.
  • Explaining details and time frame of the treatment course and reassuring patient and family that we will be with them all along.
  • Visiting the patients at the hospital and at their residence to provide assistance as required including moral support and guidance.
  • Facilitating treatment of after-effects of cancer care during the remission stage.


Over the years, we have funded college education for some of our patients and also helped family members of some patients be financially independent. Arranging for birthday, music and art fund raisers for patients. Our volunteers have run endurance races such as Marathons and Ultra Marathons to raise funds for our patients. Apart from this, our well-wishers constantly support us.


We at Jana Rakshita strongly believe that empowering children with education is the best way to ensure a brighter, and more equitable future for us all. Education is one of the most important aspects in a child’s development and we strive to ensure that every child receives the support they need and deserve. We provide educational facilities for disadvantaged children from all communities without any discrimination.

A major part of our efforts have been focussed on education for children belonging to the marginalized and often exploited Adivasi community: the indigenous peoples of India. Constituting more than 8% of the population, the occupation of Adivasis varies from farming, fishing, and collection of forest produce. Referred to as ‘guardians of the forests’, a large percentage of the Adivasi community depends on forests for their livelihood, and less than 10% of them depend on hunting and gathering for their necessities. In rural areas, Adivasis work as daily wage laborers and are rarely given access to jobs in the service or other industries.

Jana Rakshita has worked on several educational projects for Adivasi children in rural Maharashtra. We adopt existing schools that are at varying degrees of completion or deterioration, build necessary infrastructure and provide the required facilities to upgrade these schools for a better, and safer educational environment. Oftentimes, we have been able to turn around schools that were at the brink of shutting down. From arranging for school supplies, furniture to constructing classrooms, hygiene facilities especially for girls, upgrading infrastructure of the building, schoolyards, common areas, and electricals. etc. 

Jana Rakshita is deeply committed to ensuring no child has to drop out due to lack of educational facilities. Some of the schools we’ve adopted are:

  • Adivasi Primary School in Ghateghar, Vasai Taluka, Palghar District (2019) 
  • Adivasi Sschool ‘Zilla Parishad’, Vasai Taluka, Palghar District
  • Adivasi High Sschool in Walavanda, Jawahar Taluka, Thane District (2008-2009)
  • Ambamata Balak and Balika anath ashram, Wada, Thane (2014-15)
  • Baalu Dohale Shikshan Mandal, Devlali Taluka, Wada District , Palghar (2015-2016) 


Jana Rakshita has been actively involved in helping disadvantaged communities during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Since the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic, we at Jana Rakshita have turned all our efforts towards alleviating the widespread devastation caused by the virus. In such times of need, disadvantaged and disenfranchised groups need our help more than ever.

During the first wave, Jana Rakshita provided food supplies, medicine, and funding for medical tests, and focussed efforts on helping migrant workers who were very badly hit. The second wave has come back with more ferocity and has ripped through the nation. The situation in India is dire. A large number of people are dying from needing oxygen, medication or simply waiting for a bed. From coordinating medical supplies, to providing basic living requirements, to funding treatment itself, our utmost priority has been to save the lives of those affected. Cancer patients have been particularly hit hard; their struggles are now even more desperate. As always, 100% of every donation goes directly to our relief efforts and into the hands of the people who need it most. Donations from India qualify for an 80G tax exemption certificate, and donors are provided a receipt of their donation upon request.with your generous donations, we can have an even larger impact. We are also in the process of buying an ambulance to be used specifically to provide free services for the poor and underserved. Thousands of patients cannot afford the care they require. With your help, we can attend to that need.